Until 12 October 2015 the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid is presenting an exhibition on photography titled: ‘Vogue like a painting’. The exhibition features sixty-one images inspired by classical paintings that were selected from the archives of Vogue magazine and taken by some of the leading names in photography of the past three decades.

Mert-Atlas-And-Marcus-Piggot vogue_like_a_painting_museo_thyssen_135242510_799x1200 vogue_like_a_painting_museo_thyssen_151505568_939x1200 vogue_like_a_painting_museo_thyssen_582707411_1194x1200 vogue_like_a_painting_museo_thyssen_806392628_924x1200

todas_las_fotos_de_la_fiesta_de_inauguracion_exposicion_vogue_like_a_painting_758478005_1200x Vogue7-580x580

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