The pavilion is overlooking the sea of the island of Mallorca. It is set into the hillside of a rocky landscape surrounded by olive trees, pine trees and wild flowers.

The steel construction of the pavilion consists of 2 steel frames for the sides, that are holding the ceiling and floor plates. The floor and ceiling are finished with wood planks. It is a place to retreat, a place for yoga or just to hang out and enjoy the evening sunset.

Architect: Philipp Bretschneider

pabellon-simple-jardin-philipp-bretschneider-enmarca-opiniones-sobre-mediterraneo-31487-9974773 pabellon-simple-jardin-philipp-bretschneider-enmarca-opiniones-sobre-mediterraneo-31487-9974777 philipp-bretschneider-gartenpavillon-in-spanien-architonic-01-01 philipp-bretschneider-gartenpavillon-in-spanien-architonic-02-02 philipp-bretschneider-gartenpavillon-in-spanien-architonic-04-04 philipp-bretschneider-gartenpavillon-in-spanien-architonic-06-06 philipp-bretschneider-gartenpavillon-in-spanien-architonic-09-09

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